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November  2011

Blau Weiss und Vienna Fans feiern gemeinsam

Wann: Freitag, 4. November 2011 @ 22:00 - 23:45
Art des Termins: Party
Wo: KV KAPU Linz
Beschreibung: Fussball geht auch anders. Fans des FC Blau-Weiss Linz und des First VIENNA FC 1984 feiern am Freitag, den 4. November, nach dem 2. Ligaspiel gemeinsam in der KAPU. Scheissegal wie das Match ausgeht!
Anbei eine Erklärung der Initiative F.A.R.E. - Football Against Rascism in Europe:

"Football is the biggest sport in the world and belongs to us all. It should be the right of every person to play, watch and discuss freely, without fear. We want to see the 'beautiful game' played without discrimination.
Unfortunately, at all levels of the game, from amateur to international, there are incidents of racism and discrimination. Be it from fans, players, clubs or other football bodies, FARE believes that such behaviour, on and off the field, is unacceptable and unwanted by the majority of fans and players.
FARE aims to tackle discrimination by combining the resources of organisation throughout Europe. It helps to support and nurture groups and coordinates efforts on a European scale. By working together, FARE helps organisations share good practice and present a united front against racism in football."



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